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Investors In People... Is it worth it?

Posted on 26th August 2016 by Rob Chamberlain

Is an ‘Investors In People Gold’ award cause for deep pride, or just another certificate to hang on the wall?

Anyone who’s gone through the process of IIP accreditation knows what an “involved”, stressful and time-consuming process it is. How do we get Dave in maintenance to fill in the on-line assessment? What’s he going to say when he does?! Have we got time to commit fully to the process? Who’s going to lead it? You can start to question why you got yourself into all this in the first place.

Sound like your business? Well then you’ve entirely missed the point!

Investors In People is exactly that. It’s an investment – no, a commitment – to the people that make your business tick. It’s infinitely more than benchmarking your competition, or making sure you’re up-to-speed with industry standards. It’s not just an award to stick on your marketing, or to boast about at the next industry association dinner. It’s about valuing your people. Listening to them; knowing that the best business strategy in the world needs committed and talented people to turn it into a reality.

Do successful businesses attract the best talent because they’re successful, or are they successful because they nurture and retain the best talent? It’s no coincidence that IIP accredited organisations are more profitable, sustainable and optimistic about the future - 60% of them predict business growth compared to the UK establishment average of 47%*. 

“As a company in our 25th year, imago’s ambition has always been to provide customer excellence delivered by excellent staff. Integrating IIP standards into our business strategy gives us the framework to challenge ourselves; to look for opportunities to develop so that we deliver service excellence through consistently high standards and team work. Having IIP Gold improves our company. It helps recruit high quality people and attracts and retains more customers. It is much, much more than an award.” (Kay England – Chief Executive, imago)

Measuring your performance against IIP objectives creates clarity around where you can improve or channel your resources more effectively, harnessing the talent of your staff towards achieving company goals.

At imago, we don’t just display our IIP Gold award; we live it. We’re very proud of our people and know that investing in them makes us a better business choice for our clients.

“As a leadership development provider, we work at many venues throughout the UK on behalf of our various clients. Imago is our preferred choice and the benchmark against which we assess all others. Not only does Imago have the right facilities, what makes it stand out is the capability and support of the staff in ensuring everything works, and works well.  Such levels of customer service don’t happen by chance and, as L&D practitioners ourselves, we recognise the focus given to training and development in helping establish a culture that is personable, welcoming and at all times highly professional.” (Mike Stirzaker – Director, Prescience Business Learning | Coaching)


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*UKCES Employer Perspectives Survey 2012.

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